Cosmetic surgeries


This cosmetic surgery is performed when your gum is more pronounced in relation to your teeth. By removing a portion of your gum, the reverse effect will occur and your teeth will appear to be more pronounced in relation to your gums. The results are spectacular.

Crown Lengthening

The aesthetic lengthening of a crown is a procedure that could offer you the smile you’ve always wanted. If some of your teeth look longer than others or when you smile your gums appear to be more pronounced than your teeth, increasing the length of your crowns could be the solution. Your teeth may be in the proper position, but your gums still appear to be excessively pronounced. At Econ Dental we will help you by surgically extracting part of the gum and, if necessary, part of the bone.  As a result, your teeth will appear more pronounced than your gums. Aesthetically it will look much better and you will obtain the smile of your dreams.

More services

Cosmetic treatments

Veneers, a marvel of modern technology and aesthetics, consist of thin coverings made of porcelain that adhere to the front of your teeth.


Implants are the most advanced treatment in terms of modern dentistry. They feel and look like natural teeth, while being stronger and firmer.

Simple, surgical, and wisdom teeth extractions

Simple extractions are those, in which the problem tooth can be seen and observed with the naked eye and the dentist can use local anesthesia to extract the tooth or teeth, depending on the situation.

Restorative Treatments

If you have cracked, broken, decayed, worn out teeth, or are missing one or more teeth, we can repair your smile.

Endodontic treatments (Root Canal)

Commonly referred to as a Root Canal, it is nothing more than killing the nerve of a tooth, which is causing a lot of pain and is sensitive to heat and cold exposure.